Come unto God through Christ.

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Welcome Home

"For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved."

Shelves of Holy Books

May these books of prayer and reflection bring peace and joy to your life.

Our Church in Full Glory

Enter the church reverently. Before the service, speak quietly to God... During the service, listen to God speak to you... Afterward speak to one another in Love!

Close View of the Memoral Garden

Brick Pavers Lead the Way

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Lean on Jesus' Name
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Jody Brown at the Organ

Turn up your sound and listen to Jody.

Children of Light

Turn up your sound and listen.

Our Chancel Choir

Turn up your sound and listen.


Mission Giving for October

        The Source
This mission is to minister to the homeless, indigent, or in critical need; to instill hope and motivation for improving their lives;and to assist them in obtaining the resources necessary to become productive citizens and achieve lasting life recovery.                                    $500

Samaritan Purse
Shoe boxes, filled with basic hygiene toiletries, paper, pens and small games are sent to needy children all over the world. This is a year-round ministry with its emphasis at Christmas.                                                 $500





The October 5th First Wednesday Dinner will feature "By The Slice", an all-pie dinner and dessert. Mix and match 3 different "pie" entrees, as well as several dessert pies.  There will also be a salad bar.  Serving begins at 5:15, and the cost is $6.00.  
This is a good chance to invite friends and neighbors who are returning from the North, as well as an opportunity to welcome back our Church members who have been away.


The Men’s Breakfast will resume on Saturday morning, October 8th  @ 9:00 AM. Clear your calendar for the second Saturday morning of every month for a new line-up of exciting speakers incredible food and fellowship!





The Food Pantry


Suggested for October are Personal Items.







Fellowship Hour

After worship, refreshments are needed on a regular basis. If you can't bake, Publix can. Thank you for making this time of fellowship so enjoyable.








Fellowship Ministry

Conversation and refreshments will continue
after the worship service in the Fellowship Hall.




Help is needed in the Nursery every week.  If you can give just one Sunday,

please call the Church Office.  The more helpers the less often your time will be needed.

Westminster Chimes - October 2016


Westminster  Chimes

 October 2016


The following is an excerpt from Jesus Calling, a devotional guide by Sarah Young, written as if Jesus himself were speaking directly to the reader:

          “Learn to laugh at yourself more freely. Don’t take yourself or your circumstances so seriously. Relax and know that I am God with you. When you desire My will above all else, life becomes much less threatening. Stop trying to monitor My responsibilities – things that are beyond your control. Find freedom by accepting the boundaries of your domain.

          “Laughter lightens your load and lifts your heart into heavenly places. Your laughter rises to heaven and blends with angelic melodies of praise. Just as parents delight in the laughter of their children, so I delight in hearing My children laugh. I rejoice when you trust Me enough to enjoy your life lightheartedly.

dd          “Do not miss the Joy of My Presence by carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Rather, take My yoke upon you and learn from Me. My yoke is comfortable and pleasant; My burden is light and easily borne.”



Dr. K.

Special Notices

Thursday - September 29 @ 10:00 am - Bible Study

Dr. K will continue teaching a course dealing with the Promises of God, as found in Holy Scripture. Your faith will be deepened as we grow and learn together. It is never too late to join in!

On October 2, 2016 Dr. K will have completed 15 years serving as Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church-those of you who are moved by the Spirit are encouraged to send cards of congratulation to him


Wishing Austin Miller the best of luck as he travels to Germany for a culinary contest!






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